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Ocha cha cha...
Episodes - Guide - Episode 9
Have you had a heartwarming feeling?

Cafe and Ron have invited everyone to go for a walk this lovely morning. They stop next to a bush outside Ryoku's house, when what do they hear from other other side? "Meow!" A cat?

That doesn't sound like Ryoku at all! Cafe and Ron stick their heads through the bushes to se what's going on. What's this? Ryoku is there and... ooh, that was Sakura's voice, they were together!

Aru and Chai go to tell Ryoku that it's almost tea time and hear Sakura's voice! They too take a peek through the bush to see what's going on. Ryoku and Sakura are outside talking... I wonder what they're talking about?

It's now night time and Hana and Muha are passing by the bush. They both have a look, and see Ryoku and Sakura looking into their tea cups. I wonder what's going on between those two? If the two of them really love tea, they'll always be together.

"For whatever reason, if things are fun when two people are together, it is important."

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