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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...
Episodes - Guide - Episode 7
Will you be going on an adventure?

Aru and Ryoku are watching TV. There are many heroes on TV, they buld up your self confidence. Aru loves adventures and is very influenced by heroes on television... he wants to be a hero himself! He is very serious about it!

While the other tea dogs are going about their daily business, like eating pudding, Aru swings past like tarzan! Unfortunately it doesn't work out like on TV...

While the other tea dogs are doing everyday things like relaxing, Aru is in the midst of an adventure... he's the captain of a ship! Oh no, it's ended in disaster!

Now Aru is trying to be like superman... ouch, that much have hurt!

Aru returns to where Ryoku is still watching TV, he has many wounds from his adventures. He is upset because his adventures didn't turn out how he'd have liked, but at least he tried his best!

"Sometimes adventures are a good thing... but only sometimes, right?"

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