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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...
Episodes - Guide - Episode 24
Have you been cheerful lately?

Hana is in a very good mood today! She hands out flowers to the other tea dogs as if she is handing out her happiness. Maybe today is a special day for Hana?

Aru and Chai are on the trail, they are going to try and find out why Hana is in such a good mood today!

Hana looked around, quick, behind the tree! Phew, that was a close one. They continue to follow Hana.

It seems that Hana was going back home. Aru and Chai look through the window and see a big stack of sweets! No wonder she was so cheerful!

It seems like Aru and Chai want some too! Oh no, they fell through the window and ruined some of the food. She was angry about Aru and Chai but she decided to forget it and said, "Everyone eat!" Hana is very kind.

"A cheerful mood is understood by everyone, and makes everyone feel happy."

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