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Episodes - Guide - Episode 23
Have you been having dreams lately?

The tea cats all go to see Ryoku. Ryoku, you're not feeling sick are you? The tea cats seem eager to help with this problem!

Ran recommends drinking lavendar tea, because is helps to relieve stress. It is a good tea because it has a healing effect on the heart. Drinking it before going to bed will help you sleep.

Min, however, recommends jasmine tea as it helps to relax the mind and body. After drinking this, your mind will be focused and you'll be able to go and do your best!

Sakura recommends Japanese tea's wonderful power to help Ryoku feel better... what else would she recommend other than this. The flavour of cherry blossoms is perfect for tired heads. If you use cherry blossom, you will have a good feeling!

So, Ryoku, which tea will you have? The three tea cats look at Ryoku expectantly for him to make his decision. Which one to chose? Which one?

Suddenly, Ryoku wakes up. It was all in his dream! He must have heard the tea cats talking while he was asleep, which made him have that sort of dream.

When having a dream, it's very important for it to be quiet. At least Ryoku thinks so.

"A system of healing according to three people is a noisy one."

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