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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...
Episodes - Guide - Episode 22
Have you been having fun lately?

It's snowing! Ryoku! Come on outside! Everyone is out in the field waiting for you, you know? Ryoku walks towards the door and sneezes from the cold.

He slowly beings to walk through the snow when suddenly a pile of snow drops onto him from above! Oh well, these things happen when it snows.

Hana it outside watching the pretty snow falling from the sky, when she is approached by a mound of snow! Pop! Out comes a head... oh, it's just Chai, he wanted to watch the snow with Hana!

Aru and Cafe are riding on a sled extremely fast! Hey, that looks dangerous! Oh no, they fell off!

Ron, meanwhile is rolling a snowball.. wow, he's making a snowman with Chai! What a shame, it fell over!

And over here, someone has built an igloo... someone is inside! It's Hana and Ryoku!

Everyone loves the snow.. but wait a minute, someone is missing! Muha is at home with the tea cats, it seems he was the only one to run away from the snow. Achoo!

"In the cold, enjoying snow viewing, it's that sort of season, isn't it?"

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