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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...
Episodes - Guide - Episode 17
Haven't you been by yourself lately?

The tea dogs are all playing together in a group, as they often do. But Cafe seems to have excluded himself from the group! He is lying down by himself and looking very serious!

I wonder what he does when he's alone... Sometimes he passes the time by listening to music. Ryoku is attracted by the sound of Cafe's music, and sits down to listen.

After a while Cafe gets tired as playing this music involves running, for whatever reason... so Muha comes along to help him. Before they know it, all of the tea dogs and tea cats have gathered around to listen to the music.

Encore! Encore! They want more!

"Fun times. If we're together, it will be more and more fun."

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