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Ocha cha cha...
Episodes - Guide - Episode 13
Have you looked at the stars lately?

Ron sits on a hill staring at the night stars. He is contemplating many things.

How long do these stars go on for? Is there and end to space? Small things seem so foolish when compared to the vastness of space.

Look! A shooting star! Ron quickly tries to think of something to wish for. "For happiness to come to everyone."

Min is also gazing at the starts, and is sitting up on the roof. There's Ryoku's star... and that one is Aru's... everyone has their own star! When you connect them all, you see a tea leaf!

Look! A shooting star! Min makes the same wish as Ron! For everyone to be happy, how nice.

"In the starry sky, everyone's wish is the same. For everyone to be happy."

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