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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...
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Will you be making some tea soon?

This episode introduces Ryoku, who is sleeping. It is explained that making delicious green tea is very difficult! It can end up being too hot, too cold, too watery or too bitter.. ew!

Suddenly, Ryoku's nose twitches and he is awakened by the smell of some delicious green tea. He then proceeds to fly out of the window and into the skies! As he's flying along, the other tea dogs notice him and begin to follow him using the more conventional dog method of running. First Ron and Muha, then Aru and Chai and lastly Cafe.

Eventually they reach Hana's house... so that's where the smell was coming from! Hana is hosting a tea party! Everyone enjoys the green tea and comments are made on it accordingly.

Today is an easy and carefree day! Will you be making some tea soon? If so, maybe you'll see Ryoku too.

"Are you tired now? Then relax with the tea dogs."

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