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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...
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All episodes are subtitled by Mognet. Titles listed here are translated from Japanese. Episodes encoded in Xvid.

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1Will you be making some tea soon?16.8MB3:29Download
2Will you be pouring the tea soon?17.8MB3:29Download
3Do you have a favorite?18.8MB3:29Download
4Have you taken up any hobbies lately?19.8MB3:29Download
5Is there anything that you don't like?28.6MB3:30Download
6Haven't you felt sad lately?20.7MB3:29Download
7Will you be going on an adventure?21.7MB3:29Download
8Have things been mysterious lately?20.9MB3:29Download
9Have you had a heartwarming feeling?23.7MB3:30Download
10Have you experienced the seasons?23.7MB3:30Download
11Have you been working hard?23.7MB3:29Download
12Have you had a gathering lately?24.6MB3:29Download
13Have you looked at the stars lately?21.7MB3:29Download
14Have you refreshed yourself lately?23.7MB3:29Download
15Have you felt peaceful lately?20.2MB3:29Download
16Have you had a good sweat lately?20.7MB3:29Download
17Haven't you been by yourself lately?23.3MB3:29Download
18Have you been listening carefully lately?18.8MB3:30Download
19Have you been excited lately?20.7MB3:29Download
20Have you had a little fun lately?20.3MB3:29Download
21Have you been calm lately?20.7MB3:30Download
22Have you been having fun lately?21.7MB3:29Download
23Have you been having dreams lately?19.9MB3:29Download
24Have you been cheerful lately?19.9MB3:29Download
25Have you been enriched lately?21.1MB3:29Download
26Have you made a discovery lately?21.8MB3:29Download