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Ocha-Ken! Ochaken!

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Ocha cha cha...

Ryoku Ryoku

    Ryoku can usually be found sleeping somewhere. Well, pretty much anywhere.. and at any time! Ryoku has a very sensitive nose which alerts him when some delicious green tea has been made "just right", as seen in episode 1.


    Cafe is the brown dog with what looks like dreadlocks made out of coffee beans. Cafe was upset about his ears being so different from everyone elses in episode 6 but he seems to have got over it since then!

Ron Ron

    Ron is a very mysterious little dog! He has the ability to find Ryoku with ease even when no one else knows where he is. Ron can also understand the weather, knowing when it is going to rain, as demonstrated in episode 8.


    Aru loves adventures (see episode 7). This ambitious little red dog is very influenced by heroes on TV and wants to be a hero himself! However that doesn't turn out quite as he planned (see picture to the right).

Muha Muha

    Energy is something Muha always seems to have. When there is hot weather and everyone is relaxing, Muha is running around having fun. How does he manage this, you might ask? Find out in episode episode 2!


    Hana is the only female member of the tea dogs. She likes flowers a lot and always seems to be in a good mood. If she ever does get angry, like in episode 24, it doesn't last very long and she'll soon be back to her usual cheerful self!

Chai Chai

    Chai is a rather pale looking dog, but that doesn't reflect his personality at all! He is often doing silly things and making a bit of trouble. Chai is very fond of pudding, as you will see in episode 3, although he can be very picky about what he eats!